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I Attended a Funeral for My Old Diet

Skrrrr. Pulling up to let go of a toxic relationship like..

I used to live off junk food. Logan got me hooked on pizza rolls and I haven't really been a fan of pizza since I was a kid but have always made an exception for Totino's pizzas. I spy White Castle..

Hot pockets, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Cheese-sticks and Corndogs.

Who doesn't love a good sandwich?! I loved putting chips on my sandwich. (uhhhh, my mouth is watering, can't get any better than Cool Ranch Doritos) Oh, and a piece of toast with apple butter, yes pls!

So many things contain flour, my great-granny wouldn't have known how to cook without it. Biscuits & Gravy, Chicken and Dumplings, Pies, and so so much more is what she filled us up with. I sure miss her yummy cooking but I'm not sure my gut does.

Saved the best for last, my first love.

Now that you know the tea concerning my health.

The past two years have been a huge learning experience, with my mind, my body, and obviously just life in general. I've also learned a lot about the food industry. Where and how things are grown/raised, transported, made, and packaged. The quality of some ingredients in certain foods genuinely shocks me. So many others like myself are greatly affected by food on a daily basis.

So, I decided 'what better way to move on then to attend a wake? '. I've been clinging to this idea for months and couldn't wait to make it happen. These items are things that I just really don't think I should ever eat again. Sometimes that makes me sad, to not get to have what others can, especially when I know how tasty things can be. Like donuts! But when I actually stop whining and think about it, I know none of these things bring nutritional value to me and my body totally and completely rejects them so that also helps, lol.

I'm so glad I got to do this.. twice. It really was therapeutic.

Check out my vlog!! Finding an outfit and the morning of the final shoot.


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S/O to my hubs, Logan (IG @logan_cable), for taking the photos at Walmart at 1 AM

& Taylor, my first roomie (IG @taylorswofford), for taking the redo pics at Super Target two days later!!

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