Summer Picnic in the Great Smoky Mountains

Growing up in East Tennessee I spent a lot of time outside, it was a very adventurous childhood. Even though I grew up and currently live in the middle of NO WHERE, we are lucky to live relatively close to so many amazing things. My granny enjoyed taking us to Dollywood, I spent most of my weekends at the lake, but I lived my best life when I was in the moutains. I have so many memories driving through the Smoky Mountains!

As I've gotten older I don't go to Dollywood as often as I once did and I havent been to the lake in a few years but I will always take delight in these precious mountains. Sure, technology is so amazing and has changed our world in ways some never imagined but it's nice to getaway and be forced to disconnect with no service and just live in the moment!! Thats when some of the best memories are made.

My soul sister, Catherine, and I wanted to go for a picnic and we decided to ask Bri to tag along with us and just turn it into a full on shoot and let me tell you.. we had a BLAST! Catherine is a super boss and constantly stays busy. Check out her blog!! She posts all things makeup, skincare, and one of my favorite things about her is her chic style. Everytime I see her she always looks so cute! She's just that good, I dont know how she does it.

Follow her on IG @catherinegracelowe

Catherine and I went to school with Bri! Since highschool shes added two of the most adorable baby boys to her life and I could sit and stare at her IG for hours because they are so cute and she takes some of the best photos of them. She is a stay at home mom and as we were riding through the cove she spilled the news that she is going to home school her boys to have freedom to travel and let them experience this country (and world). She also has a photography business & website that she runs in the spare time she has between all of the chaos. Check her out on IG @bri.coffman & her new blog!!

So we were off! Outfits on outfits in tow, lots of yummy food packed ready to be devoured, and one destination in mind.

Our first outfit inspiration was the 70's. Catherine and I are both so obsessed with how it all ended up looking!

We pulled over at at spot where it was beautifully shaded with some fallen trees. Their was something so magical about this spot. Such a raw version of nature!

After we left the magical woods we began our search for a senic spot for our picnic and we found the perfect spot to stop! When we parked the car we knew we needed to change outfits but before changing we wanted to take full advantge of the amazing shaded road we stopped on lined with gorgeous trees.

and it was finally the moment we had all been anticipating.. the ourfit change and picnic setup!

I absolutely thrive off of staging an ascetically pleasing scene and this one gives me chills! So after making her look oh so pretty, we decided to enjoy some of this food and pop a bottle of rose.

After a glass.. or two, we couldn't help but give this field a little frolic

After we lived out our full fantasy, we had one more outfit on hand with the perfect location in mind. So, we packed up all of our goodies and made the trip through the cove for one more epic shoot.

We drove the route until we stumbled upon some historic cabins

I had a blast this day and will always cherish these photos. Which outfit was your favorite? Should we do another picnic?? Leave a comment and let me know!