Cable Compound - Rough In


I swear I can't wait to live in this house. Even more so because we've done a majority of the work ourselves and we've been working on it for SO long!

We started last August clearing land and cutting in a driveway. The piece of property we picked was in the woods, so I wanted to keep as many trees as I could. I'm a tree hugger forsure and this property speaks to my soul. Huge S/O to my grandparents for giving us an acre and housing us while we've gone through this process. The land we cleared plus the house sits on maybe 1/4 of our property with the rest pure trees and woods!!

After we cleared our land my grandfather dug out our crawlspace with a yard box and we contracted out our footers and block.. not like we know how to do brick but they totally screwed us over because our block was laid out of square :/ Good thing I have a handy papaw, who not only drew our floor plans but also helped us fix their mistake. So the block isn't square but our house is, we have a overhang on our box seal. (I've learned so many construction terms I never knew I needed to know)

Time for wood! Box seal went on then we added the floor. But here comes the fun part.. framing. I actually did enjoy building walls and even built our bedroom wall by myself, with a little help from my papaw(proof in youtube video below). When we started building my papaw had a hip replacement just a few weeks prior so we tried not to let him do anything except for supervise, but he can be stubborn sometimes.. I didn't get that trait or anything, lol.

We did plan on our house originally being 696 sq. ft but once we got our loft floor on Logan saw an opprotunity to add on and at the time I was upset it wasn't going to be "tiny" anymore but I'm SO glad we did it. Extra room I know i'll love.. in the CLOSET!

Getting the house fully framed took us a while, since we did all of the work with the help of a few family and friends. P.S Thank you SO much! Once our house was framed it was time for the roof which we did in two rounds. Trusses went up then we used ZIP system with tape to seal. I'm sure we didnt do this correctly becuase we had leaks. So we used a moisture barrier before installing the metal roof. The exterior of our house I am so in love with. Navy board and batten, cedar shake, with a copper roof and copper gutters. <3

Electrial wasn't that bad, we had the help of a family electrician to pull all of our wire. The rough in inspection we failed on the first try just because we had to add three plugs in the kitchen and one on the exterior of the house. Once we added those, easy fix, we passed. Plumbing is another story.. if you are contemplating building a house you should def coinsider contracting this out. It was just bad timing because Logan was in the midst of shut down season at work. We passed our inspection on the first try but it took us so long to finish.

Time for insullation. We contracted this out. The building code for the ceiling is R-38, we couldnt use regualr bats because we used 8" raftors and the regualr insullation is 12" thick. So we had no other choice but to get this spray foamed which I don't think we will regret. We had the same crew who installed our siding do the insullation in our walls and floors. S/O to Joe!

Now all of our rough in inspections are done, we're ready for sheetrock and it seems so surreal. Our last inspection is our final. Its so close I can see it but also so much work ahead in the next few weeks, my back cant wait to soak in that tub.


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