Chick-Fil-A sent me to the ER


I've been vlogging for the past two months or so and I thought here would be a great place for me to elaborate on my situation.

About 6 years ago, I was a sophomore in high school, I started having stomach pain. At times it was manageable and sometimes it was excruciating. I remember Logan was at my house one afternoon and I was having a "flare up". My symptoms were back pain, lower stomach pain, diarrhea, anxiety, fatigue, and hot flashes. I begged my mom to take me to the hospital but she thought it was just a bug or virus. After these symptoms went on for weeks she finally made me an appointment with my pediatrician and he sent me for blood work. Everything came back normal except my potassium levels were low. I then went to children's where I was told by the GI, I possibly had celiac. She told me the only thing I could do to manage my symptoms were to change my diet and cut out all gluten.

For the remaining of high school I was for the most part mainly gluten free, cheating some(when I thought it was worth it lol). When I turned 18, I moved out that very day!(2014) I think I got carried away with the amount of freedom I had and I really wasn't taking care of myself. I started eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it! This is when I started noticing changes in my body and mind. Depression and anxiety hit me HARD as I started gaining weight at an extremely fast rate. I now know my mind was unhappy because my gut was unhappy. Logan and I moved into a house in June 2014 and this is when I dropped out of college and quit my job and went downhill even FASTER. In December 2014 we moved into an apartment and this is where I buried myself under a rock. I was staying up until 6AM watching Grey's Anatomy and would sleep until Logan got home from work and that was my routine for months.

We got married in April 2015 and I absolutely hate the way I look in our wedding photos. Stay tuned because we're redoing our wedding :). After we married I finally went to the gyno to try and figure out why I only had my period every 6 months and was diagnosed, on my very first appointment, with PCOS. This was my rock bottom. But, I took this as an opportunity to reevaluate my life and actually decide what I truly wanted and this is when my mindset started to change. I didn't want to be unhappy anymore, I didn't want to be overweight, I didn't want to be unhealthy, I didn't want to be anxious or depressed. I wanted to find happiness within my self and I knew I could do that through health. So, December 2015 I went back gluten free and cut the BS.

This is when I started gaining my life back one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time. I was hard on myself to stay consistent and not give up because health and happiness is something I truly strived for and I'm so glad I gave myself tough love because it was so worth it.

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Chick-fil-A isn't the only fast food or restaurant that has affected me in a negative way, it just so happens this was my worst flare up yet and it feels so good to share it with you all. This past year I've learned SO much about the food industry.. and let me tell you, I AM SHOOK! I hope to one day make big changes in this industry but I'm starting with myself and feel obligated to share how i've been affected and what i've learned along the way of this crazy journey.

A lot of things I've learned the hard way so let me make the bad decisions for us all, lol. One thing I had to learn the hard way is that I'm not alone. For SO long I went through struggling because I didn't think anyone understood what I was feeling or where I was coming from when I bitched about food. After actually opening up I found out so many ladies, just in my immediate family, were affected greatly(cousin & her kids, mom, grandma) and I had been struggling alone for so long just because i'm stubborn.

Talk with the ladies in your life and let them know how you're feeling because you never know.. they may be feeling the exact same way & even if they aren't I can guarantee it will feel so amazing to talk about it. Changing your diet can seem so impossible at first and you need people to cheer you on, let them!!

I want my blog/channel to be a place where we can all come together to support each other because I want nothing more then to see you all WIN! Every week I'll be posting a question in the comment section of my youtube channel to get us all talking. Sometimes they will be silly questions to let us all get to know one another and sometimes informative questions because I truly want to know how you feel about certain things. I've previously been at a place where I didn't want to share anything so if you don't feel comfortable commenting, I completely understand. But, hopefully you'll soon be able to join us all in the conversation!

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