4th of July Foodscape

Holidays are always a fun time for me. I get so into the preparation and decor more so than the actual day, lol. And this definitely applies to the fourth of July, mainly because I don't take the southern heat like everyone else.. I'm a fall/winter gal for sure!

So with the fourth quickly approaching I let my creative juices flow and asked Catherine to join me. We have so many ideas but this collab was the perfect place to start!

So many people have been asking what I eat and I will get into what and why in a post/video coming soon! To give you a little sneak peak, this is a great healthy cookout option if you are hosting people for the fourth. You could even make this for yourself and pack it to whatever event you'll be going to, I do this often.

Catherine and I created such a beautiful spread with so many layers and options it makes me giddy!!

Main dish: Baked chicken breast with lemon, pepper, and your choice of BBQ sauce

Side: Veggie skewers - sweet potato, bell pepper, radish

Side: avocado

Snacking: Fruit spread, nuts, Kettle potato chips with avocado oil

We also filmed this so make sure you check out the video on my channel so you can recreate this for your own cookout this 4th!

Catherine and I have had SO much fun the past couple of weeks chatting and creating. Check out her blog, I know you'll love it!


& follow her on instagram to keep up with everything she's up to!


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