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Hey, I'm Taya!!

Over seven years ago (I was a Freshman at WBHS) and I met a boy. If you would have told me that a double date on a Friday night would have turned into a marriage, I wouldn't have believed you! However, this has been one of the greatest journeys this life has blessed me with. We were children when we met and started this relationship. We've watched each other grow as individuals and that has helped us grow together. He's helped me get to where I am today and ultimately helped me land a career in Weddings and Events by asking me to be his wife, almost 4 years ago.

In November of 2014 Logan proposed! My families response was "finally", lol. I've always dreamed of a winter wedding and ultimately thats what I wanted. Valentine's Day was on a Saturday, so it seemed meant to be. But, I had such a hard time finding a venue that I loved but also fell within my budget so, I was stuck and didn't know where we were going to get married. My grandparents live on 22 acres in Rural Greenback, TN and I asked them if they would be interested in building a barn. After a couple weeks of sweet talking and decision making, I had talked them into building a wedding and event venue and we immediately started building. We ran into a few hiccups so I had to push our wedding date back to April 25.

Two weeks before our wedding my papaw, Step-Dad (David), and Logan were working on the Barn when my papaw fell off of the loft and landed on the concrete pad. Logan called me and I was down there in under a minute and held C-Spine until paramedics arrived. He was taken to UT and we later found out he had a bruised lung, broken pelvis bone, and seven broken ribs. I was there at the hospital with my papaw and told him I was going to push back the wedding, again, so he could recover (he was supposed to walk me down the isle) and have plenty of time to get the barn done. But, of course he wouldn't let me push it back and the very next day we had SO many family and friends show up at the barn to help try to get it done in time, it was like an old fashioned barn raising. We ended up getting the roof on the week of our wedding and my papaw walked me down the isle!

After my wedding, Logan and I spent the remainder of the year trying to help my papaw as much as possible finish up the barn and November was our first official wedding with a finished barn. At this time, I saw a huge opportunity for my grandparents. They were sitting on a gold mine but they had no idea how to reach millennials getting married. I remember wanting to throw an open house and my grandmother paid around $200 to put an add in the newspaper and two people showed up. This is when I saw an opportunity for myself. To create a website for them, marketing plan, email, contracts, pricing, and (the most important) social media pages. I've spent the last three years building their business and this month alone we have seven weddings. I'm extremely proud of my grandparents and myself! Working together with this venue is also my way of making sure they will be taken care of.

I now see the venue at a spot to where I can still maintain and manage it but I also see huge opportunities to branch off and start doing my own thing, which I'm super excited about! I plan on using this blog, as almost a journal, for what I have going on and plan to do.

Aside from starting my own business, Logan and I are currently building our first house and we are trying to vlog that experience.

I have also been battling with my health for the past 6 years, still trying to find answers with food allergies and intolerances. I've also been trying to vlog this as much as possible.

Lots of big things coming, so stay tuned.

-Xo Tay


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